‌B    r   a   n   d          S   t   o   r   y

Leave your worries to us, you play!
‌Tomarmon is a monster characters, and their food is worries.Monster friends living around us who eat all the worries people have.They are always silly and playful, but they are always warm-hearted and eat our troubles.Let's stay happy and happy with our Tomarmon friends today.


Brand Story

The theme of 'Tomomon' is inspired by Guatemalan's Worry Doll. The name is combined Spanish word, tomar(eat, drink) with English word, monster. 'Tomarmon' has developed with the concept of 'monster friends who eat worries on behalf of people'. 10 monster friends' life with eating worries is the main theme story.

'Tomarmon' who always listen to our worries and share our worries and life,
the worries will be gone and be filled up with full of joy if Tomarmon friends stay with us.
Leave your worries to us, you play!